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    How we work

    Our technician conducts a thorough review of your network and technology infrastructure, collecting audit data on all computers and equipment.
    We provide recommendations and review of your current technology environment, outlining strategic moments, potential liability sources, and solutions for improvement.
    Upon completion of onboarding project and implementation of recommendations, ongoing maintenance and support in a format of Managed Services is established.

    Frequently asked questions

    1Do you service home clients?
    We provide home and home office support to employees and members of existing clients only. Our focus is on corporate technology consulting.
    2What is the cost of Managed Services?
    Managed Services are based on the number of users and equipment in your organization. Most companies providing Managed Services on the market are in the $60-$100 per user bracket.
    3What is included in Managed Services?
    It depends on the provider. Our services include all onsite and remote support, and all technology expenses associated with your IT infrastructure operation and continuity.
    4Can you build a website for my company?
    We provide web development services only as part of our Managed Services portfolio, and only for established clients. We partner with graphic designers and advertising agencies to leverage their creative talent in synergy with our competency in full stack web programming.
    5Do you work on an hourly basis?
    We do not believe in break/fix approach, so we cannot provide ongoing maintenance and support on an hourly basis. We do, however, provide emergency IT response and will be happy to help if you need a presence of an experienced company.
    6Are you hiring?
    Yes, we are growing and looking for passionate individuals to join our amazing team. [and no, this is not a canned phrase from another HR manual on what to post on your website - we mean it]