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We are always asked this question: "what does the name of your company mean?" It all goes back to the origins of early computing... every system would have a familiar prompt of pressing that NE-key to continue. It was even immortalized in one very famous animated sitcom.

And even though we swipe more often now instead of pressing keys, this little bit of computer history is something that we keep in our name and lore.

Press any key to continue.

What Drives Us

We care about your organization and its future. Our principles are based on transparency, honesty, and unbiased consulting, defending best interests of our clients.

We put high value on attention to details and accuracy. With IT systems, little changes may often lead to undetected vulnerabilities and concerns. Our approach is diligence and priority on quality.

We believe in continuous development and growth, whether it is our own team, your business, or the next endeavor into new technology. We are committed to improvement and raising the bar.

Our Story.

It all started in 1999 when NEKEY was established to provide IT and CAD consulting in Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey. Following a change of ownership in 2010, the company has steadily grown and expanded its portfolio of services, all while staying committed to clients, investing in research and training, and continuing to earn trust and respect from local community. We continue getting better and evolving, believing in strength through diversity, and not being stuck on providing one solution model. We believe in our team and think of everyone as our partners, whether employees, vendors, or clients.

Community and Corporate Responsibility.

We try to make a positive change in the world and help local communities that we serve. We donate annually to local and worldwide causes, and support numerous non-profit organizations in the region. Our passions are environment, conservation, and protection of planet's oceans and wildlife. Aside from financial help, we volunteer our own time and participate in missions and projects around the world.

We are passionate about helping you and your business. A lot could be listed on the website, but nothing is a match for an in person introduction. We would love to meet you! Please contact us directly to learn more about our story, our team, and how we can make difference in your technology world. We got stories - from our missions around the world helping the planet, to success stories from our raving fan customers.